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I am always looking to help promote the sport of fishing and to help ensure a bright future for our fisheries. Getting families and children interested in fishing is one way of perserving the future of fishing. It is also in the best interest of local and national businesses to support such a great pastime. Fishing can provide an enormous boost to the local and national economy particularly in communities that are near large bodies of water.

After many years of freelance writing fishing articles for publications such as In-Fisherman’s Walleye In-Sider, North American Fisherman and Great Plains Game and Fish and others, I have decided to produce my own annual fishing magazine.

Why an annual Fishing Guide?

In 2015, I volunteered to help work several sports/boat/travel shows with the Ogallala Chamber of Commerce booth. After visiting with several hundred people about fishing Lake McConaughy, I realized there was a significant need for more detailed fishing information about the Lake McConaughy area.

Why is a fishing guide important for local business?

Lake McConaughy is famous for its sandy beaches, camping and water sports but it’s also a world class fishery. The difference between fisherman and other outdoor enthusiasts is that fisherman want and need detailed information about how, when and where to catch fish. Generic area local guides generally do not provide this information. By providing fisherman with good up to date tips, tactics and information, they will be successful. When fishermen are successful, they stay in the area longer and are more likely to return to the area. Therefore, local businesses thrive when the fishing is good. This annual fishing guide will help fisherman put more fish in the boat and consequently bring more business to the area.

Advertising in the Annual Guide

The fishing guide will be produced and published by Fish The Plains Promotions LLC. In 2016, the goal is to acquire enough advertising to cover the cost of publishing and printing 10,000 copies. The guide is estimated to be 40 pages. This publication will be printed on an excellent quality cover and paper and will take the look of a high quality magazine. Copies will be distributed free at sportsman shows, area businesses and other applicable venues. Below are the current advertising rates:

Full Page$2000
Half Page$1000
Quarter Page$500
One Third Page$350
Business Card$250
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